Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard - Dalla Cima delle Alpi

Ordinary bitter
Light and refreshing, a typical English bitter.
This is the wayfarer’s beer - drink it and continue on your pilgrimage.
Amber-colored lager - märzen
Amber-colored beer, characterized by munich malt and caramel flavours,
left in the foreground by a low bitterness. Nuts, plum and hazelnut notes. Balanced more on sweet than bitter.
Tripel with Genepì
Golden-colored, top fermentation beer, characterized by honey note from pale malt
and by the bouquet of flavours created by yeast and genepì infusion. Genepì aroma stands out while its taste is well blended with other flavours
Pumpkin Ale
A spicy pumpkin ale beer, crafted as a “Christmas Ale”. Perfect for longs and cold winter's nights.
Pale lager - Helles
Pale gold-colored, low fermentation beer, characterized by honey note from pale malts
and by herbal and floral flavour from geman hops
Rye beer - Roggen
Amber-colored, cloudy, top fermentation beer. Characterized by barley malt sweetness, rye spiceness and classic flavours due to weiss beer yeast. The yeast lends banana, clove and apple flavours.
Oatmeal Stout
Ebony-colored beer, characterized by roasted malt and full-flavoured creamy oat.
Coffe, liquorice and cream notes. Long and bitter finish.

We produce craft beers,
with the water from the Alps, 100% natural

The underlying spirit is encapsulated in the meaning behind our logo: a meeting of Nature and Man and the need for equilibrium. The two infinity symbols depict the Universe of Nature and the Universe of Man which, on encountering, rotate around four fixed points (water, cereals, hops and yeast) giving lease to beer. We Produce craft beers with the water cames directly from the peacks of the Alps (Gran San Bernardo valley).

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Dove bere "alla spina"

Café du Vélo / Aosta

Le nostre serate del venerdì, con dj set, non sarebbero
lo stesso senza i “litri” di Napea e Blou.
Grandi ragazzi delle Bières du Grand St. Bernard!

Café du Vélo / Aosta

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Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard

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