The history of Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard

Our history

Everything comes from a great passion for beer, from the desire to experiment, from the desire to transform a simple hobby into something more concrete. After two years of theoretical training, attempts and experiments, Rémy Charbonnier quits his job as an engineer and throws himself body and soul into the new adventure: in 2010 , in Etroubles in a small 300m2 laboratory, he begins the production of Les Bières du Grand St. Bernard. Next to Rémy there is immediately Stefano Collé who abandons the profession of ski instructor. In July 2010 the sale of the first beers starts: Napea, Balance and Amy, which are still the flagship labels of the brewery today.

In 2017, also thanks to the excellent results achieved, the Etroubles brewery is no longer large enough to withstand the needs and production quantities required. Here Remy and Stefano relaunch their initial project and give life to a really important development and expansion. In fact, they decide to change the location, which passes to Gignod (a few kilometers further downstream from Etroubles) while remaining faithful to the Gran San Bernardo Valley.

The chosen structure, over 4.000m2, houses a brand new and technological production plant of 35hl, with an annual production capacity of 8.000hl an area sale and exhibition open to the public (nearing completion), an office area and a large parking area. All this is completed by a truly strategic position along the state road to access the Gran San Bernardo pass that connects Italy and Switzerland.