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NapeaBalanceBlouAmyGnpVia FrancigenaCouche. These are the names of the seven Bières du Grand St. Bernard that have a great vocation in common: the Alps. From the honeyed taste of Napea (the Wood Nymph), to the amber color of Balance, from the hint of rye of Blou, to the decisive character of Amy, everything remembers the temperament of the mountain. And if with Couche we thought about the long and snowy winter nights, with Via Francigena we wanted to emphasize the centuries-old tradition of an ancient path that from the ninth century brought pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome through the Valle d’Aosta and through the Valle of the Great Saint Bernard. And finally to complete the range, the Gnp, which with the Genepi artemisia cultivated in Valle d’Aosta, leaves a clear imprint of its alpine matrix.

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