We produce high quality craft beers at 1,000 meters above sea level in our Gignod brewery, directly from the Cimes des Alpes in Valle d’Aosta.The new structure, with more than 4500 m2, hosts a new and techonological production system of 35 hl with an annual production capacity of 20,000 hl.
In october 2017, in addition to the bottling and drumming line, the new line for packaging of CANS has come into operation!The new CAN 33cl of Napea screened in fact to be launched on the market.
The brewery also carries out productions for others breweries.



But what sets our brewing apart is that in order to make each beer an elitist beer you must choose the most suitable ingredients.


Our beers boast one outstanding ingredient: water from the Great St Bernard Valley. Little is needed to describe it: pure and uncontaminated, flowing from the alpine peaks of Valle d’Aosta.


Our supplies largely come from Italy. In order to create special undertones we import from Germany, Great Britain and Belgium.


These are chiefly purchased from a small family-run farm in Tettnang, Lower Bavaria. The other hops used for our brews come from England, USA, Slovenia and Belgium.


Each type of yeast has its own specific characteristics that confer each beer different undertones.


Specials ingredients


In order to give our GNP beer a full Valdostan flavour, we exclusively use native varieties cultivated here in this small mountainous region.


The “Couche”, our Christmas beer made solely with pumpkins cultivated in Valle d’Aosta.